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Tanzanite is one of the few gems that is found in just one nation. A small hilly region in the African nation of Tanzania is where all the Tanzanite gemstones in the world come from. This does mean a limited supply of tanzanite rough but, it does not imply that Tanzanite gems are about to become extinct. More than 95% of all tanzanite rough that is mined is heat treated to enhance the color and clarity of the gemstone. This is a fairly recent entry into the world of gems and jewelry. The gem stone owes much of it's popularity due to a tremendous publicity campaign orchestrated by Tiffany's.

This resource on Tanzanite gems aims to provide you with updated information on Tanzanite. You can ofcourse get access to loose tanzanite gems and even custom made jewelry. However the objective of Direcstones is to educate and inform, selling takes a secondary role. We will be glad to custom cut Tanzanite or any other gemstone for you. We cater to even the smallest order and have no stipulations for minimum order quantity or value. Our tanzanite gems are procured directly from the Tanzanian mines and custom cut by some of the finest gem cutters.

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