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Big Tanzanite Gem Stone

A Big Tanzanite Rough Stone, 12,000 Carat Stone Found

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One of the leading Tanzanite mining ventures reported in Mar 2011, that they had discovered a big piece of tanzanite rough stone. The rough tanzanite was so large that it weighed about 12,000 carats. In terms of grams, that would be a whooping 2,400 grams or 2.4 kilos. Presuming that the weight and the identity of this stone was tested and confirmed, this would be the third largest piece of tanzanite rough ever found until date.

A big rough tanzanite gemstone this large is bound to make news but, the casual gemstone lover might be a bit confused. This has become quite clear as our support team has received dozens of emails every month from gem enthusiasts across the globe. What they want to know is whether the rough tanzanite once cut and polished would be anywhere that large. The answer is surely no but, we would prefer that you understand exactly why and not just take our answer for granted.

When you talk about tanzanite rough or any gemstone rough for that matter, the stone is in a raw state. Rough tanzanite would includes cracks and fissures, there could also be air pockets and even some minor foreign particles embedded inside the rough tanzanite. It is also possible that some portions of the rough tanzanite could bear a color that is different from the rest of the rough stone. Tanzanite is obviously graded by color and clarity. Keeping all this in mind, the cutting facility will need to cut up the big tanzanite rough into smaller pieces. This will be done in the way so as to ensure that flaws and cracks do not come into the cut and polished gemstone. We need to add here that not all the small pieces of tanzanite cut from this large rough gemstone, would have the same degree of clarity.

So the final tanzanite gems that are cut and polished from this big piece of rough tanzanite will be graded and priced accordingly. However the best pieces will still be fairly large and command a high price. Unless the mining firm is really unlucky, they can expect to get some stunning 30 carat to 50 carat tanzanite gems from this big rough tanzanite piece. We wish them all the best, and hope to hear more about this rough stone in the near future.

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Cushion Shaped Tanzanite Gemstone ...  TNZ003

Oval Tanzanite Gem, Custom Cut ... TNZ005

tanzanite gem stone heart ring, claddagh gemstone ring mens tanzanite gem stone ring kaisilver

Tanzanite Diamond Ring Yellow Or White Gold ... RG143

Mens Tanzanite Ring Gold Or Silver ... MAN61


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