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Tanzanite December Birthstone

Not Many People Accept This As The Birth Stone For December

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Is Tanzanite A Birthstone? Is Tanzanite the birthstone for December? When and by whom was tanzanite included in the list of birthstones. These are some frequently debated issues when anyone hears or talks about tanzanite being a birth stone for the month of December. The conventional birthstones for December are still listed as blue topaz, blue zircon and turquoise. An interesting observation is that even charts that define birthstones and list alternative birthstones do not mention Tanzanite as a birthstone. We will shed more light on the December birthstone in this report.

Not many people are aware that Tanzanite was included in the list of birthstones for the month of December. What is really impressive is that Tanzanite which made it's entry into the gemstone world, as late as 1960s rose to fame at a spectacular pace. Talking about the status of Tanzanite as the birth stone for the month of December, few birth stone charts seem to have shown interest in it's entry to the list of birthstones. So who exactly decided to classify tanzanite as a birth stone. The ICA (International Color Gemstone Association) passed a resolution through it's directors in the year 2002, this resolution admitted tanzanite to the list of birthstones.

Don't get us wrong we have nothing against Tanzanite becoming a birthstone. The point is that the general public has not yet tuned their mind to accept Tanzanite as a birth stone. There may be a serious reason for the lack of interest in the Tanzanite december birthstone theory. First of all, none of the directors on the ICA could garner enough support for this resolution, support outside the boardroom that is. Another reason could be the fact that the other accepted December birth stones namely blue topaz, blue zircon and turquoise are all blue in color. Though Tanzanite does have blue as one of it's component colors, the overall color of the gem is better defined as a violet-blue. On the issue of pricing, tanzanite is priced higher than the other three blue gems listed as December birthstones.

Tanzanite is a gorgeous gem, it is also unique in the sense that it is one of the few gems that is mined in just one nation, namely Tanzania. The gemstone looks awesome in yellow or white gold. Insist on eye clean Tanzanite gems especially in the below 2 to 3 carat range. While larger Tanzanite gems can also be got in eye clean form, expect to pay a premium price for higher quality merchandise.

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December birthstone trillion tanzanite gemstone...  TNZ003

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tanzanite heart ring, claddagh ring with gemstone tanzanite diamond ring, white or yellow gold tanzanite gemstone rings

Tanzanite Claddagh Ring From Kaisilver ... RG143

Tanzanite Diamond Ring 14k or 18k ... RG225


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