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Tanzanite Rough, Color Of Tanzanite 

Heating Tanzanite Rough Gemstones Brings Out That Gorgeous Color 

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The almost hypnotic color of tanzanite gem stones has made it very popular among jewelry lovers and gem collectors. The blue-violet color that you see in loose tanzanite gems is very different from the color that tanzanite is found in it's rough state. Gemstone treatments are commonly used to enhance the beauty, color and even clarity of a gemstone. But the treatment of Tanzanite rough yields an enhancement that is truly astounding. Heating rough tanzanite in the right conditions, changes the dull and dark color of the rough Tanzanite gemstone to a stunning color.


tanzanite rough before and after heating

Indeed if this gemstone did not show this awesome transition after being heated, the value and price of tanzanite would be far lower than what it is today. The image on the left shows tanzanite rough as it is mined from the earth. The rough stone is broken into smaller sizes to give an idea of the final cut gemstone size that would be achieved. Given the fact that tanzanite is an expensive gemstone, it is necessary to cut the largest possible tanzanite gem from each piece of rough.

From the viewpoint of the final buyer, the price tag would include the cost of the rough tanzanite weight that is lost during the cutting process. So the selection of the right piece of rough that would give the ideal size and shape of cut tanzanite, is critical to the final price tag that will be given to the tanzanite. Inefficient use of the tanzanite rough would drive up the price of the final cut piece. This would ofcourse make the merchandise hard to market, as compared with produce from more efficient tanzanite cutting operations.  

If you see the piece of tanzanite on the right side of the image (after heating) it might appear to be dull. However the final clarity and lustre of the gemstone will be improved with the skilled craftsmanship of the gem cutter. The facets and ofcourse the final polishing done to the tanzanite gemstone will yield a beautiful gemstone. The clearer the gemstone and the better the color, the higher the price.

There is an ancient story about heating tanzanite, this dates back to several centuries. It is said that the local tribesmen in Tanzania, came across a dark looking stone when going on one of their hunting trips. There was nothing special in the stone to attract their attention, but something amazing happened to this dull stone. It was struck by a bolt of lightning and changed into a gorgeous blue stone! It is very interesting to know that centuries later, man learnt that heating rough tanzanite would transform it into a stunning and valuable gem stone.

Directstones does not sell rough tanzanite gems, we infact do not trade in any rough gems. Our gems are procured from the mines in Tanzania and custom cut by skilled gem cutters in India. The direct route from the mines, to cutter and back to us means that multiple commissions are eliminated. It also means that there is absolutely no chance of you getting a fake or imitation gemstone, since we do not rely on a chain of gem procurers.

Kaisilver manages the online gem resource at Directstones. We specialize in fulfilling the requirements of medium to small gem buyers. We will gladly cut just about any gem stone to the size and shape that you wish. We do not stipulate minimum purchases in terms of quantity or value, a single piece will be given the same attention and care that will be provided for an order worth several thousand dollars. You can buy just the gemstone or request for a complete jewel to be custom made. Our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com will be glad to help you with any information that you need.


tanzanite loose gemstone
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