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tanzanite rough gemstone
Tanzanite rough is mined in only one nation, Tanzania. There is sufficient tanzanite rough still in the mines to last for a few decades. Add to this the tonnes of tanzanite rough that has been mined and not cut and the hundreds of kilos of tanzanite cut and polished and not yet sold - the gemstone is not becoming extinct in the near future.

You hear it on the TV channels, tanzanite gems are about to become extinct. You hear these stories all year round and every year, how the price of tanzanite stones is about to surge. Some of these sleek marketing campaigns even ask you to 'invest' in Tanzanite gems. Somewhere in this marketing hype is a bundle of lies and exaggeration. Yes, Tanzanite is not as common as apples and grapes, it is not likely to become cheaper than a pack of peanuts but, there sure is a lot of it around.

When it comes to mining tanzanite rough, there are a few background facts that you need to keep in mind. Tanzanite gems are commercially mined in just one location on our planet and that is Tanzania. It is not likely that Tanzanite rough deposits will throw up from any other location, there is nothing to point to that. Tanzanite is gorgeous, Tiffany's marketing hype is what made Tanzanite desirable, popular and expensive too. Mining Tanzanite in the African country of Tanzania is tough, the location is rugged and sometimes dangerous. It is not just dangerous with the criminal activities of mankind, nature sometimes wrecks havoc in the Tanzanite mines too. Floods have often taken dozens of lives, mining pits have sometimes been flooded for many months.

Though you often hear of the Tanzanian government's intention to stop the export of rough tanzanite, your eyes tell of a different stores. Hundreds of kilos of rough Tanzanite are piled with deep pocketed rough gem buyers in India and probably in parts of China too. The hoarded stock of rough Tanzanite is huge, some is resold as rough while some is cut and polished and fed to the gem and jewelry markets. With a few traders control the supply of rough tanzanite, it is not hard to 'create' scarcity stories and whip up a market frenzy.

When it comes to cut and polished Tanzanite stones, there is once again a huge supply with various gem traders across the globe. The demand for Tanzanite has has it's ups and downs in the past few decades, when the price falls traders who do not have stiff financial backings are forced to sell at cheaper prices. But a tanzanite gem traders who is well cushioned financially can weather the storm and hold on to stocks. It is true that some tanzanite gem dealers often over-invest in Tanzanite gems as the price shows an upward movement, but a stronger purchase effect against a more gentle price rise is bound to leave the trader in a bit of trouble.

TanzaniteOne is one of the largest investors in Tanzanite mining and gem supply. The company report in May 2011 that there is enough of rough Tanzanite in the mines to last for a few decades. Just remember that rough tanzanite that has already been mined and is currently in the posession of Tanzanite dealers is large in volume too. Add to this the supplies of cut and polishd tanzanite also waiting to be sold and you will realize that, there is not much worry regarding scarcity issues. The market itself is able to balance things by a periodic slow down and even a slump in the demand for Tanzanite. A rough equation would say that it might be around 80 to 100 years before there is no Tanzanite available in the mines.

Tanzanite is a gorgeous gemstone no doubt about that. Buy a tanzanite gem or a tanzanite gemstone jewel if you like this gem. Take good care of it and treat it well, but don't go spending your savings on 'investing' in Tanzanite, the big price appreciation might never come about. It is also possible that the fall in the supply of tanzanite might be accompanied by a similar fall in demand! Not something those TV channels would want you to realize but, it's true all the same.

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Cushion Shaped Tanzanite Gemstone ...  TNZ001

Oval Tanzanite Gem, Custom Cut ... TNZ005

tanzanite diamond ring yellow or white gold mens tanzanite gem stone ring kaisilver

Tanzanite Diamond Ring Yellow Or White Gold ... RG214

Mens Tanzanite Ring Gold Or Silver ... MAN61


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